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Long-service life. Excellent quality. We are as a manufacture to produce power steering pump for all cars and trucks including European, American, German, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and homemade for 18 years. Besides, we often go abroad to participate in exhibitions, And has been praised by many foreigner. If you are interested in these products, please email us and we will response you at our earliest time. View larger image. Power Steering Pump For subaru forester 2.

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2005 subaru forester xt power steering pump

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New Image. Mobile Site. Manufacturer names and logos in the RockAuto catalog are trademarks of their respective companies and are used only to identify their products. All rights reserved. Power Steering Pump. Alignment Tool. Belt Installation Tool. Belt Measurement Tool. Belt Tension Gauge. Pulley Tool. AAE VN. Add to Cart. Rear; The replacement pump can have two types of connectors. Please read included instruction sheet We'll email shipping instructions after you submit your order.

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Brand new power steering pump fit Subaru Impreza 09-05

Gift Certificates. About Us. Repair Index Calculator. Show Quick Cart. Intentionally blank.It is sub zero and the power steering stopped working. A light came on with an exclamation point AWDiesel answered 6 years ago. Check to see if the belt is still on, and see if the belt is tight enough so it doesn't slip.

Tony answered 6 years ago. You will need to get it replaced. This is a fail from subaru. My Forester 2. This problem occurs mostly after the car is parked for 6 hours or more.

I sometimes need to turn off the ignition times to get the steering wheel moving again. Just had the power steering module replaced in my Forester due to repeated failure of the power steering upon starting.

Temperatures were not below freezing when this began to happen. Dealer was responsive and the repair was covered under warranty. Gee when my power steering was acting up all I had to do was put some power steering fluid in. Hmmmm, interesting no one has mentioned that. Abhaya answered 3 years ago. In the summer I noticedon't my power steering tightnng up but it was mino and went away once I got driving. Once the cold started esp 20 degrees it is much worse. I let the car warm up and it improves.

I park parallel all the time so I thought it was that direction when I back up and turn left but it seems now driving it is tightning on the right also.If your STI's steering pump has started to whine, especially if it only makes noise when it's cold, there just might be an easy cure for the problem. Perhaps the most likely source of the noise and easiest to fix is if you're low on power steering fluid. Check the level first, and if it's low replenish the fluid and test drive again to see if that cured it before going on the next step.

If the power steering fluid level is good, then follow along for the next-easiest repair you should consider. We're going to replace an O-ring that seals the power steering reservoir. This has to be the easiest repair you'll find on HowTune. So even if you've never repaired anything on your car before, don't hesitate to save yourself a service call bill and do this.

You'll have to obtain a new O-ring first, which may be the most difficult part of the repair. I looked around for sources other than Subaru for a comparable O-ring, but ended up buying it from a Dealership.

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Apparently it's a bit of an oddball size. Anyway, let's get stared. A whining noise from under the hood, especially while you turn the steering wheel at a stop or slow speeds. When an excessive amount of air enters the steering pump it often causes cavitation, which in turn is the source of the tell-tale whining sound. Air is introduced to the pump when the steering fluid level is low, or when the o-ring seal becomes brittle and fails.

2005 subaru forester xt power steering pump

Remove the 10mm bolt on the left and the 10mm nut on the right that hold the fan belt shroud on. The nut on the right should be loosened with your tool, then by hand so that the nut doesn't tumble down into the engine compartment abyss. With the fan belt shroud removed, you'll have access to the top of the power steering pump.

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A single 10mm bolt secures a wire bracket and the steering fluid return hose. Remove this bolt. Remove the 10mm bolt from the power steering return hose fitting labeled "A" in the picture. Pull up on the fitting to access the o-ring. As a precaution, slip a paper towel or other blocking device over the reservoir opening so it won't swallow the old o-ring when you drop it :. Remove the old o-ring with a fingernail, small screwdriver, or similar.We have had a lot of Questions from all over the country on this subject so I thought I would provide some information.

This issue is typically found on the to Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy. There will be pictures up next week to help illustrate what is going on. Here is the usual situation someone replaces the belts, or the timing belt or the alternator and almost instantly the power steering pump starts to make noise and the car can be hard to steer.

Well here is what happens. The other end of this shroud is slotted at the alternator pivot bolt.

2005 subaru forester xt power steering pump

The rubber grommet is there, to give a little instead of pulling the tube under load. From there the aerated fluid must be replaced with fresh fluid and the problem is solved.

I have received over phone calls from people as far away as Jamaica you know who you are and thanks for the gift card so I figured someone should post some help as I have received calls from frustrated Technicians and Drivers a like. I had a post on Allexperts. I am always happy to help out my fellow Technicians who just want to take care of their customers. I also have heard the other end of the spectrum where after the belts were replaced on their Subaru Outback and the noise showed up they have been charged a lot of money to replace parts that did not need to be replaced.

Quite a few times a frustrated vehicle owner has sought out help on the Internet and found me. To the Automotive Professionals out there, help each other first of all and use the Internet to seek out those who no more about the subject than you do.

Also while we are all human and do make mistakes and there is always a lot of pressure to be perfect, at least exhaust all of your resources prior to guessing. If some can find the answer to the problem online then we all can. Subaru Owners, if this has or does happen to you.

2005 subaru forester xt power steering pump

Here is the fan belt shroud in question. This is the power steering return line bracket going into the pump. Follow up to an older Article. The point of this article was how to readjust the belt shrouds after removal to avoid power steering fluid aeration do to a small air leak at a o-ring.

It pertains only to the to H4. If you have something other than a to Subaru Legacy or Outback with the 4 cylinder 2.

Why Is The Power Steering Making Noise on My Subaru Outback?

This can that can range form a o-ring that no longer seals, to old fluid to a defective pump. There are many possibilities. Subaru ExpertSubaru Power steering. I recently had my alternator go out on my Outback which required a tow to the local repair shop and an alternator replacement. Since the shop had to remove the old alternator I had them replace the serpentine belts at the same time.

The shop called me to tell me the repairs had been completed but the power steering pump was making noise and overflowing the reservoir and they were wondering if it had been doing that.

I informed them that it was fine before they worked on it. So I did some research on the internet and ran across Justin at All Wheel Drive Auto and read a blog he had about the very problem I was experiencing. I called Justin and told him what happened and he told me over the phone how to fix the problem. Basically I adjusted the shroud and the noise quit instantly.

The power steering pump is working normally and silently. Thank you Justin not only did you save me a bundle of money, but you are very pleasant and helpful.Fits Forester Power Steering Pump If the steering in your Subaru Forester whines or groans, or if your steering wheel is hard to turn, you may have a failed power steering pump.

Show More. Pump Power Steering. This Fits Your Subaru Forester. Full Diagram. View All Diagrams. This product fits 18 vehicle variants.

Subaru: 1 models, 18 variants between and Related Products. Battery Warmer. Car Cover Bag. Thule Cargo Carrier. Manufactured by Thule R. Hood Deflector. Rear Differential Protector. Please select a dealer to view local pricing. Enter your zip code: View More Dealers. People Also Bought. Suspension Strut Left, Rear. Helper PAI Window Regulator Left, Front.

Power Steering Return Hose. Return Hose For Power. Power Steering Pressure Line Bolt. Power Steering Pressure.We love our Forester! It is a ton of fun to drive, and the leatherette interior with heated seats is very good for all of the bad weather we have here in the Pacific Northwest. However I do have one small issue with it. This has been the only problem with the car and it is running perfectly other than this issue, however we did some research and it is a HUGE problem with Subaru engines throughout the lineup.

If you can get over that though, this car is definitely worth the money!! I recently purchased a Forester with 95k miles on it, and will be using it as my college vehicle.

It had 2 previous owners and no accidents reported. It appeared to be mechanically sound. So far, it has been an excellent vehicle. The ride is smooth, and it handles nicely. Some complain about power on these vehicles - I have had no issues with power. I drive plenty both in town and in the country where I live.

It is excellent in both settings. I have no issues with getting up to speed on the freeway. My gas mileage has been an acceptable mpg, and I expect it to be a little better when I take it for my first long trip on the highway.

So far, this vehicle has been a joy to own. Low maintenance costs over eleven years - bought the 60, mile warranty and never used it! Rebuilt engine atmiles - head gaskets, timing belt, new pumps and belts - plan to keep it for another 80, miles or more. New information: In Decemberafter being sideswiped by a speeding large SUV - the insurance company "totaled" the car, refused to repair the sheet metal damage.

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So we bought the Subaru, fixed it after the winter 'rush' at the collision center. In the interim, we bought a Subaru Forester to use. After repairs, the Subaru looked good as new and our next door neighbor offered us so much money for the car that we sold it to him.

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