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Image Source: Internet. Every Hindu family are the descendants of one or the other Rishi. Accordingly, families are given their gotras.

Also, people were divided on the basis of Varna as per their karma. The occupation practised by each class of people became their special attribute and this gave rise to the caste system. Every caste is come out from one of the major rishis.

Kuldevta enjoys the highest status in the life of an individual. The grace of Kuldevita his very important for strengthening the financial situation, maintaining family happiness and staying healthy. Do you want your wealth to grow? Our forefathers had chosen appropriate Kuldevta or Kuldevi or the deity of family and initiated the practice of worshipping them. The purpose was to ensure that the spiritual powers of these rishis should help us live positively and remove negative influences from our lives.

This was to ensure that people could carry on with their lives positively and make progress on various fronts. Actually, the respective Kuldevi or Kuldevta is the protector of the family. They are the basic authority in matters related to family and they should be worshipped first and foremost. In fact, their influence is so strong that other demigods do not intervene when Kuldevta or Kuldevi are angry at the family.

It can be understood like this: If our father or mother get annoyed with us, no neighbour or outsider can come to our rescue as they are outsiders.

Besides, the householders should worship Kuldevta or Kuldevi daily just like they worship their Ishta Devta. Are you facing problems in relationships?

कुल देवी को जाग्रत करने का मंत्र/घर की कुलदेवी को प्रसन्न करने के लिए साधना

They are very much there. The following things are required to perform the Puja: 4 raw coconuts, red cloth, 10 supaaris, 8 or 16 things for shringar, 10 betel leaves pan leavesearthen lamp with ghee Diya or Deepakkumkum, haldi, sindoor, mauli, five types of sweets, poori, halwa, kheer, moistened grams chanabatasha, kapoor, janeu and panchmeva. They should be put on two different coconuts. So, should act accordingly.

Offer churma baati, coconut, sweets mithaimakhana. To Get Your Personalised Solutions! Talk To Astrologer Now. Jaya Parvati Vrat Know when jaya parvati vrat fast will come in Read about jaya parvati vrat importance, rituals and other facts People celebrate Navratri to invite Know about Pradosh Vrat dates, rituals and Pradosh Vrat benefits.

Also, read Pradosh Vrat tips, mantra their importance to regain lost happiness Hora is usually studied to get an idea about the financial condition of the native, for his entire life span. Ganesha explains the importance of Hora Login Or Register.Kailram Haryana mein hai… Agar apko aurb jyada jankari chahiye to call me My no.

Me prajapati kumbhar hu hamarj kuldevi konsi h or unka sthan kaha pe h ap kripya iska uttar denge plz. Humari kuldevi narmada hai houshangabad par hame nahi pata ki kaise usaka puja karna hai, bohot salo se kisine ki nahi kya aap bata sakte hai. We are padhiyar. According to our ancestor, badvasan mata is our kuldevi. But on wiki pedia i saw that chamunda mata is our kuldevi. Could you please tell us about our kuldevi?

Hello Mera name Sujay shah hai Hum jain h aur humare kuldevi shri gajana devi h To uska temple kaha h wo bata skte ho aur unki history? Aur koi kuldevta bhi h humara? Pramodchandra Desai living in ValsadGujarat. I am Ajachak Anavil Brahmin by caste.


Plz reply me the earliest. Her temple is in Haryana near Jhajjhar. Your help in this matter is much appreciated. Best wishes Chandra. Hamrre jain samaj ke oswal bhai jo muje kuldevi ji kr baare me nahi pata hai hum sil mutha ki kuldevi kon hai aaj tak hum log jo bhinmal me bhethi hai unko hi mante aaye hai pls muje bataye ki kon hai hamari koldevi kon hai.

Whther jakhete mata and. Susana mata are same Where is Jakarta mandir? I belong to sain Nai samaj. My gotra is Nirwan. Hamari kuldevi kon hai, kya nam hai avam mandir kahan hai. Please tell me Kuldevi of Chawla Punjabi Khatris.

Our ancestors were from Sargodha in Pakistan who moved to India during Hon Sir, Namskar Maharashtra ke nivasi hai Hamari Kuldevi ke bare me hme malum nati hai aur gotra malurm nhi hai Kashi Kapadi samaj leave in maharashtra. This site is protected by wp-copyrightpro.Pitra Dosha is one of the biggest faults when it comes to faults in astrology. This is an inauspicious yoga. Gotra — dosh :— This occurs due to bad effects of this dosh and the number of people of same gotra begin facing problems.

People of this gotra face problems as not having children or in cases when they have, such children suffer from health complications. Those who do not believe in worshipping God and stop worshipping their traditional lord in the name of superstition suffer from Kuldevi dosha. These people are crushed by their Kuldevi or Kuldevta.

Dakini- Shakini dosh:— This dosh is the result of bad deeds done by the male member of the family. Pret — dosh:— this is a type of Dosha when one gets involved in anti- social activities and lives in an atmosphere of fear. It also results in more number of girl child being born in the family in comparison to male children.

kuldevi dosh

If you have been going through bad effects of Pitra dosha, you need to take some remedial actions and minimize its effects. Need to know more around this, just get in touch with our experts.

Your email address will not be published. What Is Pitra Dosha? What Is Gandmool Dosha?

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February 15, February 19, Published by veydas at February 18, Categories Blog. Pitar — Dosh is generally divided into six parts. Kuldevi — dosh :—- Those who do not believe in worshipping God and stop worshipping their traditional lord in the name of superstition suffer from Kuldevi dosha.

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Read more. What is Chandra-Mangal yoga in Vedic astrology? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.We also inherit the curses, illnesses and blocks related to relationships and financial issues from our ancestors.

These blocks trickle down the family tree and trouble generations and starts getting worse with time. We fail to understand the obstacles that we come across. Strange ailments and suffering plague families, generation after generation with no respite, till the origin is sorted. Usually people have tried all healing, and medical possibilities before realising the need to go deeper — into family history. Family journeys is a unique psychically guided journey through the Family tree, created by Priyanka and Abhishek with their Spiritguides, can help you find the root cause of blocks, Ancestral curses and black magic and remove such blocks.

Through prayer, forgiveness and healing with Spirit Guides and Angels. Interestingly, souls who join the family tree have their own karmic baggage. That is why they have karmic matching or resonance with the dysfunction.

For example a woman who was married in family, where every second daughter in law has fertility issue or special children, herself had past lives related where she either killed children or cause the death of children to have karmic block related to children. It is a heart warming experience to witness ancestors coming down to help their descendants. Revealing old truths in family history which now need to be released.

Family imbalance, misdeeds, crimes of forefathers, which need acknowledgment and possible correction. Often ancestors come back into the family to help. Family Tree or Genealogy chart of 3 more generations or from where a pattern has started. You can ask elders in the family, or places where genealogy records are preserved traditionally, for example Haridwar, Varanasi, Gaya, Pehowa, Trimbakeshwar, Kurukshetra.

Make sure you have names of wives as well, especially if an ancestor had two wives, deceased siblings or natural deaths in ancestry. Names and Pictures of present family, parents and grandparents, along with all siblings and their spouses, as far up as possible.

A note of any pattern coming down the generations. Name of the family deity, Kuldevi or kuldevta, if there is one. Plus name and location their main shrine. Every surname has its origin and thus spiritual head. If you are not using a family name, no need for this. Note: Family details need to be send at least two days prior to the session, for us to study. This is energy level work and is deep unraveling and cleansing. Great job Priyanka and Abhishek.

Draw a chart, look for patterns of dysfunctions. Else make a family tree chart, paternal and maternal, prioritizing which one has dysfunction or anomalies. Once you have made, you can the chart to us, with pic of at least 2 members of the tree. We can do a psychic reading to tell you for sure. Often family folklore has this information, some elders talk about it.This is distinct from Ishta-devata personal tutelar and village deities. The word Kuladevata is derived from two words: Kula, meaning clan and Devata, meaning deity.

Thus, it can be said that Kuladevatas are deities which are worshiped by particular clans. The deity can be a male, female, animal or even an object, like a holy stone.

Pulidoras rotativas segunda mano

Hindu families make a pilgrimage to the Kuladevata or Kuladevi temple to obtain the blessing of the deity after an auspicious occasion such as a wedding. Kuladevatas are worshiped in several sects of Hinduism and Jainism. In the state of Maharashtrathe Kuladevatas are mainly manifestations of Shiva or Shakti such as Khandoba or Bhavanirespectively.

In the states of Gujarat and Rajasthanthese deities are generally, the various manifestations of Parvatithe wife of Shiva. She is worshiped by different names by different clans. It is known by several names, such as, Nagadevata and Nagabaapji and is worshiped by several HinduJain and Kshatriya clans.

Some Kshatriya clans also claim themselves to be "Nagavanshi" or Descendants of the Naga. In Kerala, amongst the Nair community, each tharavadu ancestral family house has a Kula Devata - often, the devi form of Bhadra, besides Para Devatas of ancestors in tharavadu temples. However, each branch of the family and members also worship Ishta-Devata depending upon village deities and choices.

Goddess Bhadrakali is the tutelary deity of Nadars. Majority of the Nadar Settlements will have a temple for Goddess Bhadrakali. Goddess Angalaparameshwari for majority of chettiars and vellalars. Lord Narashima for Brahmin Iyengars and also to Naidu. Kuladevatas play a very pious role in the Saraswat Brahmins, Daivajna Brahmins and Konkani Kharvis, it can even supplant the role of the Istadevata.

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Worship of the kula-devata or kula-devi is considered to be of utmost importance. The Kula-devata is the guardian of the family, of the lineage. Ancestors of the family have worshipped the deity and there is a bond between the family and the deity.

Hence such worship bears fruits early. Worship of the kuladevata is said to appease the deity who is the sole protector of the family. Kuladevata worshipped in Maharashtra include:. Konkani people worship following deities as their Kuladevatas, most of the temples are located in Goa. Some of the deities were shifted to other places in Konkan by the devotees during the Goa Inquisition.

Kuladevata worshipped in Gujarat and Rajasthan include:.That is to say, Brahmins who came from north direction to Siddhpur area, were called Audichya. He murdered all the conspirators and started to rule freely. In his old age, Mulraj was regretted with the sin of killing the relatives.

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He went to his Guru. They are ascetics. The king requested them to accept donations. The Brahmins wives requested to their husbands to get the king rid of sins. These Brahmins were in counting, so that is why they are called Sahastra Audichya Brahmins.

Sahastra Audichya Brahmins can be devided into three types. Siddhpur, 2. Tolak, 3. Shristhalaadashtakaathaasu Gramanshcha Vividhaanstatha. Chandrasaptaik Sankhyakaan Brahmanebhyo Dadau Nripah.

The rest of the Brahmins left the villages of Gujarat and went to Marwar. Their Kuldevies have not been described. They are the following —. VillageRantej Teh. Bechraji, District. Mahesana, Bhatt, Gotra Parasar, meri kuldevi konsi has? Actual me Bhatt koi surname nahi vo ek upadhi he just like degree jaise ke teacher doctor engineer hote he ese hi Bhatt.

Bhatt ka meaning he jo lerned person he jinko unke gyan ke karan bhatt ka sthan diya gaya isliye vo Bhatt kehlaye.

Mission Kuldevi – Indian Castes and their Gods

Aapka original surname koi aur hi he jaise ke me Bhatt hu lekin hamari original surname Trivedi Dalbhya Trivedi he to pls. Aap apne gotra ke adhar pe apni original surname dhundhe. Jaha tak meri jankari he jo Bhatt he unki original surname 1 Trivedi athava 2 Raval hi he. Surname -Bhatt. Bhavnagar -Talaja Road.

kuldevi dosh

Audichya shastra sihor Sampraday. Kuldevi batavva vinati. Mahadev Jagdish bhai, i am Dhaval Bhatt from Bhavnagar. I have recently found my Kuldevi and shurapura.

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Please call me on for your query. Arey isme Dwivedee-bhardwaj Aur sharma-bhargav Ki kuldevi nhi btai Plzzz answer deve. Aspur D. Mobil no. Ishamaliya joshi banaskanthama ghana gam ma vase chhe temani kuldevi shri chamunda mata hai lshsmli gam shihor thi sat yojan eshan kon ma hatu ashare hajar vsrsh pahela bharamnotpati martand granth ma che mumbai thi prakasit chhe.Mesh Lagn 1 mesh lagn, rahu stith - degree 2 Blank 3 Blank 4 SuryaBudh- degree 5 Blank 6 Shukra degree 7 Ketu - 8 Chandra -Shani - degree 9 Mangal - Digree 10 Blank 11 Brihaspati - digree Vakri 12 Blank.

Are Guruji yahi to kaha mene bhi : duvidha me dono gaye maya mili na ram, Kripya bataye maya ke peeche bhagun ya ram ke peechhe. Gurudev Namaskar, Mera janm Time pm hai, Muzaffarpur Bihar hai.

Mera career sahi nahi chal raha hai aur health ki bhi paresaniya rahti hai. Kripya kuch upaya bataye aur mere isthdev ka bhi naam bata de. Guruji Sadar Charan Sparsh Kripaya mere isht dev aur pramukh griha batain. Guruji Sadar Pranam mere isht dev koun hai.

Guru ji charan sparsh! Mere mangal dosh he ye ucch ka he ya nich ka. Kya me munga ratna dharan kar sakta hu. Guru jee. Kundali is parkar hai. Mesh Ist house. Jupiter 2nd house. Venus 3rd house.

kuldevi dosh

Mars 29 degree moon asth 4rd house Khali 5th house. Khali 6th house. Ketu 7th house. Pluto 8th house. Shani 9th house. Neputune and uranus 10th house. Khali 11th house khali 12 house. Rahu Kirya bataye mere isht dev. Sir mera shukar neech rashi me he jo 9 th house me he or shani 12 th house me vakri he uske liye kya karna chahiye.

Astrologer K C Gupta

Guru Jim mai love marriage krna chahti hu bt mere parents Nhi chahte h Maine unhe saf saf bol bhi diya h fir bhi WO meri ek bhi Nhi sun rhe h mai kya kru mai 1 Feb ko din mai PR jnam hua aap jara bataie mai bhut pareshan hu. Subh hai ya asubh vakri shani. Guruji kripya bataye. Shani vakri with guru in lagna. Shani dev subh hai ya asubh. Budhh Aditya yoga Surya aur guru se hota hai kya guruji? Kya Chandra se guru kendra mein ho to he hota hai?

Mera DoB Mere isht dev kaun hai aur bhagyoday kab hoga.

kuldevi dosh

Guruji mere est dev kon se hai. Karka Lagna, vrushik rashi mangal or shukra sinh rashi, surya or Budh kanya rashi me, ketu tula and rahu Mesh, chandra and sani Vrushik, Guru 7me sthan me makar rashi me he.

Kya muje Business kholna chahiye or kon sa business acha rahega. Kon sa graha kharab hai or me kis bhagwan ki puja karu. Name Raju adress ambikapur surguja date o b

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